Aqua Head vacuum cleaner brush and two wipes ZR009500

Aqua Head vacuum cleaner brush and two wipes ZR009500
Vacuums and cleans in one go
The Aqua Head brush is intended for use on hard floors, not fragile or sensitive to water. Do not use on rugs, carpets, walls or windows.
Only use with the water tank and wipe fitted to the brush.
The wipe must be used damp.
The use of detergent in the water tank is not recommended.
Do not vacuum liquid. Stop using your product immediately in the event of liquid in the dust container.
A pedal regulates or stops the water flow.

Designed for upright vacuum cleaner(s):
- Air Force 360 RH903, RH905, RH907, RH908, TY905, TY907, TY908
- Air Force 360 Essential TY732
- Air Force 360 Flex Pro TY947
- Air Force 360 Max RH902, RH903, RH904
- Air Force 560 RH947, TY947
- Air Force 560 Flex RH947, RH949, TY947, TY949
- Air Force 760 Flex RH957, RH959, TY957
- Air Force All-In-One 460 RH925, RH927, RH928, RH929, TY925, TY926, TY928, TY929
- X-Pert Essential 260 RH732, RH733, TY732

Referință : ZR009500

493,00 RON RON 493.0

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